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Get superior ballistic protection plates at the lightest weight.

Our hard armor solutions range from Level IIIA protection to Level IV stand-alone armor-piercing protection.

Body Armor PlatesBody Armor Plates
Lightest Weight, Highest Technology

Lightest Weight, Highest Technology

Our hard armor plates provide the highest ballistic protection at the lowest possible weight—the result of our investment in the latest materials and manufacturing technologies. Designed to fit into vest pockets or plate carriers, our inserts won’t weigh the wearer down.

NIJ Compliance

NIJ Compliance

Attain the level of protection you need. We offer NIJ 0101.04 compliant body armor plates and NIJ 0101.04, NIJ 0101.06 and NIJ 0108.01 certified solutions. Refer to the Body Armor Specifications section below for more information.

Tried, Tested & True

Tried, Tested & True

Our NIJ-compliant ballistic testing range tests various threats—from a 9mm handgun to a 14.5mm heavy machine gun and 20mm FSP.

As part of this test range, we use a digital X-ray to inspect the hard armor plates before testing and after each impact. This allows us to see how the armor reacts to each successive impact and quickly refine the armor design as needed.

LTC also has a suite of testing apparatuses that allow environmental and mechanical testing of body armor and armor materials.

Body Armor Programs

Military Body Armor Plates

U.S. Army
  • Vital Torso Protection Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (VTP ESAPI)
  • Vital Torso Protection Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (VTP ESBI)
  • DLA Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI)
  • DLA Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI)
U.S. Navy
  • Maritime Buoyant Plate
U.S. Marine Corps
  • DLA Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI)
  • DLA Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI)
Foreign Military Sales
  • Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI)

Law Enforcement Body Armor Plates

  • Lightweight, concealable hard armor plates
  • Solutions ranging from concealable stab/handgun plates to Level IV stand-alone armor-piercing protection
  • Available for any body type/size

Special Mission Body Armor Plates

  • Customized for each mission
  • Tested to meet or exceed all special threat specifications
  • Multiple sizes to fit any body type/size


  • What does your armor stop?

    This depends on the specific armor plate. Our ballistic protection solutions range from Level IIIA protection to Level IV SA armor-piercing protection. Let us know what you need to stop, and we can find or create a solution.

  • Are the armor plates buoyant?

    LTC has certain designs that are buoyant, targeted towards the specific requirement of our customer.

  • Do you sell body armor plates to individuals?

    No. We sell only to military, law enforcement and approved distributors.

  • Is the armor durable?

    Yes. Our armor is designed for rugged conditions and undergoes extensive testing, including drop testing. However, the armor plates should be cared for and stored properly as the vital, life-saving equipment they are. The product warranty provides more information.