Mission & Values

Our Mission

To produce innovative components that protect lives and keep aircraft flying.

  • Protecting military and law enforcement professionals with the best body armor plates in the world
  • Safeguarding those who are transported in and out of harm’s way – whether on the ground, in the air, or on the sea
  • Building parts and systems that help aircraft fly safely and comfortably









Important Milestones

  • -900 sqft
    - LTC was founded with
    3 employees
  • -32,000 sqft
    - 121 employees
  • -110,000 sqft
    - 296 employees
  • -208,000 sqft
    - 420 employees
  • LTC acquired Senior
    Aerospace Composites
  • -351,000 sqft
    Major Expansion
  • Now in Our Third Decade

    We’ve perfected what we do and know the importance of a great work atmosphere. We want our employees to wake up each day and be excited about what they do and feel proud to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We take pride in the fact that our tight-knit teams feel more like a family.

    Founded in 1993, LTC has become an industry leader by focusing intently on our customers and constantly improving our service to them.  We have a clear understanding that we are first and foremost a customer centric company.

    Our goal is to create success and stability for our all our stakeholders – customers, employees and investors. We constantly reinvest in people, equipment and technology to ensure our long-term success and security. We want to provide a fun and rewarding environment for our employees, be a reliable supplier and customer, and make a positive difference in our community.