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Meet Michael McCready.

Michael served for four years in the United States Marine Corps, the last two as a team leader. He can testify to knowing when good quality products are literal lifesavers. Whether riding in an MRAP or wearing a plate carrier vest while on patrol, knowing there are companies like LTC who produce high-quality ballistic panels and plates to protect our soldiers in the field ensured he could carry out his duties with confidence.

As the quality engineer at LTC’s May Street facility, Michael has made a positive impact on the LTC team. In addition to learning the quality processes and the products themselves, he has helped with improvements in conducting new training and updating internal procedures. He keeps a good attitude while being active on the shop floor and interacting with other departments.

Michael joined LTC in 2022 and brought with him seven years of experience as a quality engineer to support the LTC quality management system (QMS). Michael follows our Cultures and Values, is a team player, is a quick wit (which is required to be an engineer), and responds equally quickly when addressing issues. Besides great attention to detail, his knowledgeable influence has helped strengthen the Quality Assurance department—which in turn strengthens LTC.

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