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Your mission is to protect others. Ours is to protect the protectors.

We fulfill that mission with superior ballistic protection at the lightest possible weight. When we say we can deliver, we will. Every time.

Body ArmorBody Armor
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Engineering & Design

Cost, weight, performance—the “iron triangle” for any ballistic protection solution. Change one, and it affects the other two.

With over a century of combined experience, our engineering team can find the right balance for your application and goals. We use the latest and greatest CAD, simulation and analytical tools to design and test composite armor solutions. Our in-house ballistic testing lab provides crucial performance data for robust end-user protection.

More Capabilities, More Capacity

Always ready. LTC can take on the largest projects while meeting your quality and delivery requirements.

Square Feet of Manufacturing Space
Plate / Backer Press Capacity Per Month
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NIJ-Compliant Ballistic Testing Range

Our onsite NIJ-compliant ballistic testing range can evaluate various armor solutions and any angle of incidence required. We use a universal gun mount to test with rounds that range from a handgun (9mm) to a 14.5mm rifle, with ball and armor-piercing rounds. LTC can also test all fragment simulating projectiles from 2 grain RCC to 20mm FSP.

As part of this test range, LTC has a digital X-ray to evaluate armor solutions before testing and after each impact. This allows us to see how the armor system reacts to each successive impact and refine the armor design as needed. LTC also has 3D laser scanning capability for backface deformation signature.

LTC’s ability to internally design, fabricate and test an armor solution within days (not weeks) allows us to perform multiple iterations in the time it takes most armor manufacturers to evaluate a single solution.

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AS9100 Certified Quality System

LTC is a certified AS9100 and ISO 9001 company. The implementation of this system is for the purpose of demonstrating the ability to consistently provide the design, manufacture and fabrication of products made from advanced composite materials for aerospace and armor applications. All products produced at LTC are made from materials and processes that meet and/or exceed our customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

LTC is committed to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of this system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Quality Policy Documents
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Certified Clean Room

LTC can fabricate as many as 500 sheets (50 square feet each) of composite armor daily in our lay-up clean room.

This room is environmentally controlled (temperature, humidity, air particulate count) and meets ISO standards to fabricate body armor and vehicle armor components. We process all of our armor composites and ceramic assemblies in this same stringent clean room environment to ensure the highest quality at every price point.

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Precise Control

Our high-pressure presses, ovens and autoclaves are digitally controlled and automated to ensure the composites being processed undergo the appropriate cycle (temperature, pressure and duration).

This level of control also allows us to precisely maintain the engineering development parameters in high-volume production environments.

LTC Protective Body Armor 11

Environmental & Mechanical Testing

LTC has a suite of testing apparatuses that allow environmental and mechanical testing of body armor and armor materials.

We use environmental chambers to soak the armor materials at extreme temperatures and humidity levels. We can also perform temperature shock testing by quickly switching armor materials between chambers set at low and high temperatures.



Our body armor plates are used by armed forces worldwide, providing the highest level of protection available. They are built to stand the test of time in harsh conditions. And when duty calls—like the soldiers wearing them—they perform.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Everything can change in a second in law enforcement—sometimes putting officers’ or citizens’ lives in danger. It’s our job to protect those who protect. Whether on patrol or entering an unknown situation, our armor has officers covered.

Special Mission

Special Mission

Special mission units trust each other—and their armor. That’s not a trust we take lightly. We can custom-tailor body armor plates to adapt to changing mission requirements and the most demanding conditions.